About FOUR.tography

They say good things come in threes but we tend to disagree with that here at FOUR.tography because many great things actually come in fours! A clover isn't lucky if not found with 4 leafs. We wouldn't be blessed with such an array of beautiful and colourful Canadian weather if it weren’t for our 4 seasons. Cooking delicious and vibrant meals would be difficult without our 4 foods groups (or what used to be 4...) and I couldn't share my KitKat if it didn't break into 4 pieces.  We would be lost without our 4 cardinal directions and most of our furry friends couldn't run or play if not for their 4 legs!  Last but most important, the houses I grew up in would not have been homes without my family of 4. Are you convinced yet? Truth is the numbers don’t matter because life is believing luck exists. Life is building a snowman with your loved ones on a snow day and enjoying a home cooked meal together when you finally come inside. Life is fighting over who gets the last piece of the candy bar. Life is road-tripping to new or familiar places while the dog has his head out the car window, with ears and tongue flapping in the wind. Life is about who you spend it with.

And that’s where I come in.

"Taking an image, freezing a moment, reveals how rich reality truly is"